Soil Improvement

Ground improvement involves the modification of poor ground conditions or constructing inclusions within the ground to achieve required project performanc. The mechanism of achieving ground improvement varies by technique and soil conditions. Densification by means of vibration or displacement is an effective means of improving granular soils. Reinforcement involves constructing or inserting stiff elements within a soil mass to create an improved composite material. Soil can be improved by adding cementitious materials by either permeation in granular soils or mixing in all soil types. The insertion of vertical drains decreases the amount of time it takes soils to settle and strengthen when subjected to a surcharge load.


In these days, following growth in construction of new buildings and urban infrastructures, the demand for deeper cut in urban area has been increased. The design and construction of excavation support systems can be complex due to the soil structure, depth of excavation, groundwater table, dynamic loads and adjacent structures. ABRAND designs and constructs the optimal deep excavation support system solution that achieves project requirements such as soil nail walls, ground anchors, soldier piles and bracing struts.


We are able to provide geotechnical engineering analysis and design solutions for a range of civil engineering projects.


To evaluated earth structure and surrounding ground behavior during and after construction, monitoring systems should be applied by solid and professionally installed instrumentation. Our focus is on providing reliable data from designed and installed instrumentation and presenting it to our clients in a clear and effective user-friendly way.

Site Investigation

Our geotechnical services provide a diverse range of investigation, testing, analyses and design for geotechnical projects. Our services include everything from simple trial pitting to more sophisticated drilling and in-situ testing methods, along with one-off analyses and problem solving through to design and monitoring of the earthworks and structures.




About Us

ABRAND was established to meet increasingly complex needs of state-of-the-art techniques in design, construction and development of infrastructures or building projects. We offer new solutions for various sectors of construction often teaming up with contractors and consultants alike to offer the most reliable and cost effective solution to a problem. ABRNAD is a team of engineering advisors to the construction industry. We are passionate about solving geotechnical, civil and structural problems and providing responsive service.

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